We are happy to announce our newest addition to our semi-permanent cosmetic services brought to you by our highly experienced and licensed microblading eyebrow technician.

Microblading / Feather Touch Eyebrows – Most Natural Looking Brows

This procedure is perfect for those brows that are sparse, uneven, or just too thin. Microblading results in natural looking eyebrows by manually depositing a small amount of ink in strokes on the out layer of the skin.


-Realistic and natural hair strokes
-Eyebrow shape, color, and intensity customized to each client’s preferences

– Minimum pain and discomfort
– Quick recovery time
– Lasting results up to 18 months
– No bleeding
– Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin

Our technicians are also specially trained in eyelash extensions and eyeliner/lipliner semi-permanent tattoo services, so please call to inquire about the many services we offer.

*Book an appointment for a consultation and for prices.